I finished/completed MBA in marketing and worked happily in a telecommunication company until I got my first camera in 2010 and enrolled in a basic and then advanced photography course in Fotoklub Zagreb. After that – everything changed. I had little experience, no training, but a lot of heart.

I didn’t have a goal “to become a wedding photographer” – somewhere along the way I stared photographing weddings for my friends and saw how happy my work made them. Barbara Tursan Mišić Photography was launched in 2012 and since then I’ve photographed countless weddings & just as many engagement sessions.

Photography fits me – my personality, my strengths. It challenges me, has me constantly thinking, changing, growing. It makes me feel alive to know that tomorrow will never be the same as today. I will be totally honest: I’m not for everyone. I will always stay true to my style and the creativity that I’m drawn to in photography. I firmly believe that a good photo is a result of a great connection: connection between two people in front of the camera and their connection with the photographer himself. That is the reason why I want to get to know you. I want to capture who you really are, in natural lighting. I’m drawn to happy people, people madly in love, people who want something interesting and beautiful. People who will jump up and down with me after that killer frame we made together.

Since I prefer quality over quantity, I will take up to a maximum of 30 weddings per year – I will give you my heart and soul and treat each and every one of you with maximum attention.

I’d be honoured to chat more about your wedding, so feel free to visit my website or simply email me for more information. 


1. Hello, my name is Barbara and I’m a coffee addict.

2. I laugh loudly.

3. I prefer quality over quantity.

4. I’m a Converse girl – leather white, red with black star and indigo blue are currently my “go-to” choice.

5. I sob on movies that touch my soul. And then pretend nobody saw me – even in cinema.

6. I am one of those annoying “always in a good mood” morning persons – most of my friends want to hurt me at 08:00 in the morning.

7. I devour books – I read till the middle of the night and promise myself to read only one more chapter, just to go on and break that promise. Every single time.

8. I am a mother of two precious creatures named Laura and Gabrijel; being their mother is the most challenging thing ever.

9. My stress relief at home – cooking. When I grow up, I will have an enormous kitchen. Now I have a kitchen even my ants think is too small.

10. Give me jeans, a leather jacket and a T-shirt and I’m good to go. Anywhere.

11. I never leave the house without my brown Marshall headphones – music is my sanctuary.

12. I will die poor because I recently discovered film photography and “stay broke shoot film” became my life motto. 

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Photos by Dalibora Bijelić

Copyright © 2015 Images by Barbara Tursan Mišić